Leaves of HOPE Community Event

HOPEsudbury was created 20 years ago following the tragic events of 9/11. Since then, HOPEsudbury has been dedicated to engaging the people of Sudbury in community-wide efforts to provide humanitarian aid to people in need, both at home and abroad. Our mission is to create opportunities for Sudbury citizens to work together for the common good. 

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are asking the school children of Sudbury to draw or write about what hope and helping the community means to them. Blank leaves will be available at Curtis, and completed leaves will be displayed in schools until our telethon, November 6th (also designated HOPEsudbury Day by the Sudbury Board of Selectmen!)

Thank you for encouraging your child to participate in this project.

Learn more about HOPEsudbury at http://www.hopesudbury.org