What is the Direct Appeal?

The direct appeal is the CPO’s main fundraising mechanism to support cultural and creative enrichment programs, scholarships, teacher appreciation events, and much more. Direct appeal requests are sent out at the beginning of the school year, along with the directory verification and ordering process, and reminders are sent throughout the year. Donations may be made … Read more

How do I purchase a directory?

Print and online-only directories are available for purchase at the beginning of the school year via Membership Toolkit. You must first verify your family’s information. You also have the option of contributing to the direct appeal when you purchase your directory. Print directories are typically available in November; online-only directories are available sooner.

What types of cultural enrichment does the PTO fund?

The CPO attempts to fund 2-4 cultural and creative enrichment events per year. These grade-level or school-wide programs often tie into a current topic or event approved by the administration. Past events have included presentations from a capella groups, artists, comedians, and authors.

How can I buy Curtis Gear?

Curtis Gear is available for purchase online throughout the school year. Items include t-shirts, hoodies, hats, bags, magnets, and more. Gear is also typically sold at Back-to-School Night.

How do I volunteer?

The CPO is completely volunteer run, and we welcome any and all assistance. For more information about volunteering, please check out the opportunities, please check out the opportunities. and let us know if you are able to help.