Is there band, orchestra, or chorus?

Yes! You’ll receive a form at the end of the school year, including for incoming 6th grade students, to indicate whether your student will take band, orchestra, or chorus. If you didn’t receive the form, please contact the front office to ensure it’s included in your child’s schedule.

Is there required reading over the summer?

Yes! Each grade is assigned one book to read, which addresses a particular topic, and remains that grade’s summer reading book for three years. All of the books are available in digital formats, can be purchased, or borrowed from the public library. Any questions should be sent to Lizz Simpson, ECMS librarian, at

How is the school year organized?

Similar to the elementary schools, the Curtis school year is divided into trimesters. Core classes, language, and band/orchestra/chorus meet all year. UAs typically change each trimester.

Is there recess?

6th grade has recess every day. Students have a 25-minute recess block before or after lunch every day. 7th and 8th grade have recess every other day. Their recess is held during half of their team block.