The CPO is made up of all Curtis parents and guardians and there are opportunities for everyone! See below and let us know how you would like to contribute. Thank you!

Cultural Enrichment: Create events throughout the school year in line with the annual book the kids are all assigned to read, in addition to new and academically enriching events throughout the school year.

Website and Messenger: Manage the website updates and edit and send the weekly email to Curtis parents.

Fall Book Fair: Help work a shift at the week-long book fair held late fall

Holiday Cookie Sampler: Help with Holiday cookie sampler for teachers/staff – an all-time favorite. Help needed baking cookies and assembling platters that day.

Teacher Appreciation: Organize teacher breakfasts and lunches, ask parents to donate k-cups at the beginning of the year to keep the teacher’s room stocked.

Hospitality: Help provide food donations during the year for school events.

8th Grade Moving-On Ceremony: Parents of 7th graders needed to serve refreshments after eighth grade assembly on the last day of school.

8th Grade Moving-On Dance: Parents of 8th graders needed to organize a special event at school as part of the end of school celebration.

8th Grade Yearbook Breakfast

Sixth Grade Social: Chaperone for the spring event

Lost and Found: Keep lost and found area of cafeteria neat and organized, donate items to charity two or three times a year after advertising in the newsletter for two weeks in advance so kids can look for their items.

Directory: Help to update the directory and set up the printing, distribution and sales at the beginning of the school year.

Corporate Fundraising: Manage the amazon affiliation and the box tops reimbursement projects.

Curtis Gear: Manage relationship with printing vendor, select the clothing and accessories, manage the sales, distribution and marketing of the gear online and at school events.

Curtis Madness: Create, run and execute the annual school fundraiser auction.