About the CPO

Our Mission
The Curtis Parent Organization (CPO) is a nonprofit organization, run by volunteers, comprised of parents and guardians of Ephraim Curtis Middle School students.

Our mission is to support the school with volunteers and funding for events and activities, enrichment programs, scholarships, and items for the teachers, staff, and administration that will enrich students’ experiences.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Provide scholarships for grade-level and language trips
  • Offer cultural and creative enrichment programs
  • Fund items not covered in the SPS budget
  • Thank the teachers, staff, and administration with appreciation events
  • Foster a sense of community within our school

In order to fund the above-mentioned programs, the CPO has two primary fundraisers: the direct appeal (donate online) and dining/shopping days (local restaurants and shops donate a portion of sales to the CPO on specified days).

The CPO holds three general meetings throughout the school year. During these meetings, parents and guardians receive updates from the principal, CPO sub-committees, and the CPO board. Generally, there is a speaker at these meetings covering a specific topic, including how technology is used at Curtis and transitioning to L-S. There is also time to ask questions.

Ways to Help
The CPO provides many opportunities to volunteer. Check out the CPO volunteer page to see where you might be interested in helping.

Stay Informed
The CPO strives to keep Curtis families informed. The bi-monthly Curtis Messenger newsletter is sent out to parents on Tuesdays. There is also CPO information in the principal’s Curtis Connection email each Friday. And be sure to join the CPO’s Facebook group.