8th Grade End of Year Events

All events TBD due to Covid Restrictions

At the end of their 8th grade year, the CPO 8th Grade Events Committee plans three special events for students.

8th Grade Celebration and Dance

Students are treated to an end of the year celebration and dance. This event falls on the last Friday night before the last day of school. While the dance is planned and set up by 8th grade parents, 7th grade parents chaperone the evening.

Yearbook Signing and Breakfast

Students enjoy a breakfast and an opportunity to sign one another’s yearbooks on the day before the last day of school. This event is for students only and is held outdoors when weather permits. A rehearsal for the Moving on Ceremony immediate follows.

Moving On Reception

Immediately following the Moving On Ceremony on the last day of school, the CPO hosts a reception for friends and families to gather. The reception is held outdoors, weather permitting.