How are students graded?

Students receive report cards at the end of each trimester, and a final grade at the end of the school year. Report cards are not sent physically, but made available through the Aspen portal. Students will also have detailed information regarding their grades through the Schoology platform.

What is a UA class?

Unified Arts (UA) classes are those classes outside of the core such as Music (general), Art, Computer Science, Engineering, Physical Education and Health.

What does it mean to be on a team?

Your child is assigned to a team before the start of the year (teams are named after things in nature colored white or green such as Forest, Birch, Diamond or Snow). Your child will share core classes (English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies) with students from their team. Other classes such as Unified … Read more

What is after school Tues/Thurs extra help time?

Most teachers offer “extra help” time on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Students and teachers use this time in many ways (completing homework, re-taking exams, clarifying material, extra challenge). Your student should reach out to his/her teacher directly to confirm the teacher’s schedule and coordinate usage of “extra help” time.